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TTAI2203 Leveraging OpenAI for Enterprise Solutions Boot Camp (Business Focused / Intermediate)

Welcome to the Leveraging OpenAI for Enterprise Solutions / AI for Business Boot Camp, a four-day immersive course that explores the exciting opportunities OpenAI provides for improving business processes and creating innovative, AI-driven applications. Throughout the course, you’ll learn to directly apply these new technologies to real-world situations, improving your organization’s operations and creating new business opportunities. From enhancing customer service with automated voice commands to developing AI-driven applications, you’ll acquire a set of powerful, versatile tools that have immediate, practical implications.Throughout the course, guided by our engaging AI expert instructor, you’ll gain mastery over OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs), the OpenAI API (Python flavor), and GPT-3 & 4 Prompt Engineering for Business Class NLP. You’ll work with OpenAI Whisper’s enterprise-strength speech recognition capabilities, providing you with the know-how to implement it in your business operations. You’ll also gain practical experience using the OpenAI Embedding API for searching vast arrays of documents, creating user-friendly front ends for OpenAI ChatGPT and Dall-E2 Apps, and integrating voice commands and live transcription into your applications. You’ll also learn the invaluable skill of how to develop an industry-specific advisor or consultant using GPT embeddings, ensuring you can create tailored AI solutions for your organization.

  • Price: $2,595.00
  • Duration:
  • Delivery Methods: Virtual
19/08/2024 01:00 PM - 09:00 PM CT $2,595.00
30/09/2024 01:00 PM - 09:00 PM CT $2,595.00
12/11/2024 02:00 PM - 10:00 PM CT $2,595.00