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Learning Credits

We want you to get the most out of your training budget

TOPTALENT LEARNING will contribute up to 55%

Your Investment Budget:TTL Contributions: Total Learning Credits:
$10,000(20%) $2,000$12,000
$20,000(40%) $8,000$28,000
$50,000(45%) $22,000$72,500
$100,000(50%) $50,000$150,000
$200,000(55%) $110,000$310,000

Who are learning credits for?

Learning Credits are a convenient and flexible way to provide your employees with access to a wide range of training solutions. With a diverse workforce and varying skills and responsibilities, a single training solution may not meet the needs of your organization. Learning Credits allow you to choose from thousands of courses and different learning methods to accommodate individual learning styles. You can also share Learning Credits across teams or departments, giving your employees the freedom to apply them to any of TOPTALENT LEARNING delivered courses. This makes it easy to provide tailored training solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization.

How Learning Credits Can Help Increase Your Overall Training Budget

With Learning Credits, you can skip the administrative work and focus on training, retaining, and improving your workforce. You can redeem Learning Credits on any TOPTALENT LEARNING offering, including in-class training, online live courses, on-demand eLearning, and private group training. We understand the effort you put into developing your team, and Learning Credits make it easier for you to provide the training and support they need to succeed.

Learning Credits can help to increase your overall training budget in several ways. First, they offer a dollar-for-dollar value, so you can get more training for your money. This allows you to stretch your training budget further and provide more opportunities for your employees to learn and grow. Second, Learning Credits can be shared across teams or departments, allowing you to distribute your training budget more evenly and effectively. This can help to ensure that your entire workforce has access to the training they need, regardless of their individual roles or responsibilities. Finally, Learning Credits offer a flexible and convenient way to manage your training budget, allowing you to quickly and easily redeem them on a wide range of courses and learning methods. This can save you time and effort, and make it easier for you to provide the training your employees need to succeed.

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