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Microsoft Outlook 2016 (77-731)

Prepare for Microsoft Outlook 2016: 77-731 exam with Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 course. The course covers all the objectives of the Microsoft 77-731 exam that include managing messages, schedules, contacts and groups, and Outlook environment for productivity, formatting messages, customizing message options, working with tasks, notes, contacts, and calendar, automating message management, and so on. The course is designed to provide expertise for MS Outlook 2016 exam.
Microsoft Outlook 2016 (77-731)
Test Prep
35+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 35+ Post Assessment Questions | 70+ Practice Test Questions
22+ Videos | 06:40+ Hours
The passing score varies from exam to exam and is provided on the score report.

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Lessons 1:
Getting Started with Outlook 2016

  • TOPIC A: Navigate the Outlook Interface
  • TOPIC B: Work with Messages
  • TOPIC C: Access Outlook Help
  • Summary

Lessons 2:
Formatting Messages

  • TOPIC A: Add Message Recipients
  • TOPIC B: Check Spelling and Grammar
  • TOPIC C: Format Message Content
  • Summary

Lessons 3:
Working with Attachments and Illustrations

  • TOPIC A: Attach Files and Items
  • TOPIC B: Add Illustrations to Messages
  • TOPIC C: Manage Automatic Message Content
  • Summary

Lessons 4:
Customizing Message Options

  • TOPIC A: Customize Reading Options
  • TOPIC B: Track Messages
  • TOPIC C: Recall and Resend Messages
  • Summary

Lessons 5:
Organizing Messages

  • TOPIC A: Mark Messages
  • TOPIC B: Organize Messages Using Folders
  • Summary

Lessons 6:
Managing Your Contacts

  • TOPIC A: Create and Edit Contacts
  • TOPIC B: View and Print Contacts
  • Summary

Lessons 7:
Working with the Calendar

  • TOPIC A: View the Calendar
  • TOPIC B: Create Appointments
  • TOPIC C: Schedule Meetings
  • TOPIC D: Print the Calendar
  • Summary

Lessons 8:
Working with Tasks and Notes

  • TOPIC A: Create Tasks
  • TOPIC B: Create Notes
  • Summary

Appendix A: Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 Exam 77-731

Appendix B: Microsoft Outlook 2016 Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Lessons 11:
Mastery Builders

  • Mastery Builder 1-1: Using Outlook Help
  • Mastery Builder 2-1: Composing and Formatting an Email
  • Mastery Builder 3-1: Sending an Email with Attached Files and Inserted Pictures
  • Mastery Builder 4-1: Enabling Message Preview and Conversations
  • Mastery Builder 5-1: Organizing your Messages
  • Mastery Builder 6-1: Creating Contacts
  • Mastery Builder 7-1: Managing Recurring Calendar Entries
  • Mastery Builder 8-1: Forwarding a Note

Lessons 12:
Modifying Messages and Setting Global Options

  • TOPIC A: Insert Advanced Characters and Objects
  • TOPIC B: Modify Message Settings and Options
  • TOPIC C: Configure Global Outlook Options
  • TOPIC D: Customize the Outlook Interface
  • Summary

Lessons 13:
Organizing, Searching, and Managing Messages

  • TOPIC A: Group and Sort Messages
  • TOPIC B: Filter and Manage Messages
  • TOPIC C: Search Outlook Items
  • Summary

Lessons 14:
Managing Your Mailbox

  • TOPIC A: Use the Junk E-Mail Filter to Manage Messages
  • TOPIC B: Manage Your Mailbox
  • Summary

Lessons 15:
Automating Message Management

  • TOPIC A: Use Automatic Replies
  • TOPIC B: Use the Rules Wizard to Organize Messages
  • TOPIC C: Create and Use Quick Steps
  • Summary

Lessons 16:
Working with Calendar Settings

  • TOPIC A: Set Advanced Calendar Options
  • TOPIC B: Create and Manage Additional Calendars
  • TOPIC C: Manage Meeting Responses
  • Summary

Lessons 17:
Managing Contacts

  • TOPIC A: Import and Export Contacts
  • TOPIC B: Use Electronic Business Cards
  • TOPIC C: Forward Contacts
  • Summary

Lessons 18:
Managing Activities by Using Tasks

  • TOPIC A: Assign and Manage Tasks
  • Summary

Lessons 19:
Sharing Workspaces with Others

  • TOPIC A: Delegate Access to Outlook Folders
  • TOPIC B: Share Your Calendar
  • TOPIC C: Share Your Contacts
  • Summary

Lessons 20:
Managing Outlook Data Files

  • TOPIC A: Use Archiving to Manage Mailbox Size
  • TOPIC B: Back Up Outlook Items
  • TOPIC C: Change Data File Settings
  • Summary

Appendix A: Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 Exam 77-731