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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (MO-300)

Kick start your prep for the Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 MO-300 exam with the Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 course and lab. The lab is cloud-based, device-enabled, and can easily be integrated with an LMS. The Microsoft PowerPoint certification course and lab cover MO-300 certification exam objectives and teach you how to create, edit, and enhance presentations and slideshows; create and manage presentations; insert and format shapes and slides; create slide content, apply transitions and animations; and more.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (MO-300)
Test Prep
24+ Pre Assessment Questions | 24+ Post Assessment Questions |
38+ LiveLab | 00+ Minutes
The exam consists of performance based questions and is conducted in a live or simulated environment.

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Lessons 1:

Lessons 2:

  • Module A: Exploring the PowerPoint environment
  • Summary

Lessons 3:
Creating a presentation

  • Module A: Creating a presentation
  • Module B: Creating and modifying slide content
  • Summary

Lessons 4:

  • Module A: Working with slide masters and layouts
  • Module B: Formatting slides and text
  • Summary

Lessons 5:
Working with shapes and images

  • Module A: Creating and formatting shapes
  • Module B: Working with images
  • Summary

Lessons 6:
Working with charts and tables

  • Module A: Working with charts
  • Module B: Working with tables
  • Summary

Lessons 7:

  • Module A: Slide transitions
  • Module B: Additional text options
  • Module C: Printing
  • Summary

Lessons 8:

Lessons 9:
Advanced formatting

  • Module A: Inserting and formatting SmartArt
  • Module B: Inserting and formatting 3D models
  • Module C: Additional formatting options
  • Summary

Lessons 10:
Animation, time effects, and media

  • Module A: Animating slide content
  • Module B: Inserting and formatting media
  • Summary

Lessons 11:
Reviewing content, tracking changes, and saving in other formats

  • Module A: Reviewing content and tracking changes
  • Module B: Saving a presentation in other formats
  • Summary

Lessons 12:
Custom slide shows

  • Module A: Working with notes pages
  • Module B: Configuring, rehearsing, and presenting slide shows
  • Summary

Lessons 13:
Sharing, collaborating, and security

  • Module A: Protecting your presentations
  • Module B: Sharing your presentations
  • Summary