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Microsoft Word 2021 Intermediate

Master advanced features of Microsoft Word with the Microsoft Word 2021 Intermediate course. It contains interactive lessons, quizzes, test preps, and hands-on labs. With this course, you will learn to create professional documents using formats, styles, templates, tables, and charts. You will be able to automate tasks with Quick Parts, templates, and mail merge. You will also learn to simplify and manage long documents and will use mail merge to create letters, envelopes, and labels.
Microsoft Word 2021 Intermediate
Test Prep
15+ Pre Assessment Questions | 11+ Post Assessment Questions |
35+ LiveLab | 41+ Video tutorials | 41+ Minutes

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Lessons 1:
About This Course

  • Course Description

Lessons 2:
Organizing Content Using Tables and Charts

  • Topic A: Sort Table Data
  • Topic B: Control Cell Layout
  • Topic C: Perform Calculations in a Table
  • Topic D: Create a Chart
  • Topic E: Add an Excel Table to a Word Document (Optional)
  • Summary

Lessons 3:
Customizing Formats Using Styles and Themes

  • Topic A: Create and Modify Text Styles
  • Topic B: Create Custom List or Table Styles
  • Topic C: Apply Document Themes
  • Summary

Lessons 4:
Inserting Content Using Quick Parts

  • Topic A: Insert Building Blocks
  • Topic B: Create and Modify Building Blocks
  • Topic C: Insert Fields Using Quick Parts
  • Summary

Lessons 5:
Using Templates to Automate Document Formatting

  • Topic A: Create a Document Using a Template
  • Topic B: Create and Modify a Template
  • Topic C: Manage Templates with the Template Organizer
  • Summary

Lessons 6:
Controlling the Flow of a Document

  • Topic A: Control Paragraph Flow
  • Topic B: Insert Section Breaks
  • Topic C: Insert Columns
  • Topic D: Link Text Boxes to Control Text Flow
  • Summary

Lessons 7:
Simplifying and Managing Long Documents

  • Topic A: Insert Blank and Cover Pages
  • Topic B: Insert an Index
  • Topic C: Insert a Table of Contents
  • Topic D: Insert an Ancillary Table
  • Topic E: Manage Outlines
  • Topic F: Create a Master Document
  • Summary

Lessons 8:
Using Mail Merge to Create Letters, Envelopes, and Labels

  • Topic A: Use Mail Merge
  • Topic B: Merge Envelopes and Labels
  • Summary

Appendix A: Microsoft® Office Word 2021 Common Keyboard Shortcuts