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Microsoft Publisher for Office 365/2021

Microsoft® Publisher for Office 365„¢ is a desktop publishing softwareapplication capable of producing greeting cards, certificates, newsletters, and otherprinted publications. Publisher includes a large collection of templates that provideagreat way to start a new publication. Publisher offers a large selection of “buildingblocks” that can be dragged into your documents, helping you to create page elementssuch as calendars, newsletter sidebars, and borders. Publisher integrates online sharingand mail merge features, which are handy when you need to send publications to a listofcustomers, and it’s possible to export publications as HTML web pages or PDF documents.With a user-friendly interface, Publisher makes it easy to create and editpublications. This course presents information and skills that are appropriate for users of theOffice2019/2021 or Office 365 desktop applications. However, the instructional environmentforthe delivery of this course utilizes Office 365.

This course may earn a Credly Badge.

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