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Adobe® InDesign® (2020)

Create new career opportunities by being Adobe InDesign certified with the Adobe InDesign course and lab. The lab provides a hands-on learning experience in a safe and online environment. The Adobe InDesign tutorial completely covers the Adobe InDesign exam objectives and provides expertise in navigating and organizing InDesign to create documents with both text and graphics. The Adobe InDesign training guide and its learning resources help in mastering the skills for managing advanced page elements and other important skills.
Adobe® InDesign® (2020)
Test Prep
37+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 38+ Post Assessment Questions | 75+ Practice Test Questions
42+ LiveLab | 42+ Video tutorials | 03:14+ Hours
10+ Videos | 21+ Minutes

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Lessons 1:

  • Course-Specific Technical Requirements

Lessons 2:
Getting Started with InDesign

  • Topic A: Identify Components of the InDesign Interface
  • Topic B: Customize the InDesign Interface
  • Topic C: Apply the Navigation Controls and Set Preferences
  • Summary

Lessons 3:
Designing a Document

  • Topic A: Establish Project Requirements
  • Topic B: Apply Design Principles
  • Topic C: Create a New Document
  • Topic D: Add Text to a Document
  • Topic E: Add Graphics to a Document
  • Summary

Lessons 4:
Customizing a Document

  • Topic A: Format Characters and Paragraphs
  • Topic B: Apply Colors, Swatches, and Gradients
  • Topic C: Create and Apply Styles
  • Summary

Lessons 5:
Working with Page Elements

  • Topic A: Arrange and Align Objects
  • Topic B: Apply Layers
  • Topic C: Transform and Manipulate Objects
  • Topic D: Thread Text Frames
  • Topic E: Edit Text
  • Summary

Lessons 6:
Building Tables

  • Topic A: Create and Modify a New Table
  • Topic B: Format a Table
  • Summary

Lessons 7:
Preparing a Document for Delivery

  • Topic A: Resolve Errors in a Document
  • Topic B: Export Files for Printing and for the Web
  • Summary

Appendix A: Mapping Print & Digital Media Pu…Design CC 2019 Exam Objectives to Course Content

Appendix B: Productivity Enhancements

  • Topic A: Additional InDesign Tools

Lessons 10:

  • Course-Specific Technical Requirements

Lessons 11:
Preparing Documents for Multiple Formats

  • Topic A: Build Layout Versions
  • Topic B: Link Content
  • Summary

Lessons 12:
Managing Advanced Page Elements

  • Topic A: Create Repeating Content
  • Topic B: Change Text Layouts
  • Topic C: Create Transparency
  • Topic D: Anchor Objects and Manage a Library
  • Summary

Lessons 13:
Managing Styles

  • Topic A: Import Styles from Microsoft Word Documents
  • Topic B: Manage Styles
  • Summary

Lessons 14:
Building Complex Paths

  • Topic A: Create Bezier Paths
  • Topic B: Create Clipping Paths
  • Topic C: Create Compound Paths
  • Summary

Lessons 15:
Managing External Files and Creating Dynamic Documents

  • Topic A: Import External Files
  • Topic B: Create Document Sections
  • Topic C: Insert Text Variables
  • Topic D: Create Interactive Documents
  • Summary

Lessons 16:
Managing Long Documents

  • Topic A: Create a Book
  • Topic B: Build a Table of Contents
  • Topic C: Create Hyperlinks and Cross-References
  • Topic D: Generate an Index and Insert Footnotes
  • Summary

Lessons 17:
Publishing InDesign Files for Other Formats and Customizing Print Settings

  • Topic A: Export PDF Files for Print
  • Topic B: Export Interactive PDF Files
  • Topic C: Export Files for the Web
  • Topic D: Manage Colors
  • Topic E: Preview the Print Output
  • Topic F: Create Print Presets
  • Summary

Appendix A: Mapping Print & Digital Media Public…Design CC 2019 Exam Objectives to Course Content

Appendix B: Productivity Enhancements

  • Topic A: InDesign Productivity Enhancements

Appendix C: InDesign Language Support

Appendix D: Extension Manager

Lessons 22:
Interactive Exercises: Smart Chats