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Artificial Intelligence for Business (AIBIZ)

Kick start your prep for the AIZ-110 certification exam with Artificial Intelligence for Business (AIBIZ) course. The artificial intelligence course offers complete coverage of the AIBIZ AIZ-110 certification exam objectives andĀ helps you learn artificial intelligenceĀ technologies, strategies, algorithms, and applications. The artificial intelligence certification course also provides an understanding of approaches to machine and deep learning, data science, search engine, and many more.
Artificial Intelligence for Business (AIBIZ)
Test Prep
30+ Pre Assessment Questions | 30+ Post Assessment Questions |
The exam contains 10 questions.

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Lessons 1:

  • Course Description
  • How to Use This Course
  • Course-Specific Technical Requirements

Lessons 2:
AI Fundamentals

  • Topic A: AI Concepts
  • Topic B: Approaches to Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Summary

Lessons 3:
AI Implementations

  • Topic A: Data Science
  • Topic B: Search Engines
  • Topic C: Natural Language Processing
  • Topic D: Computer Vision
  • Topic E: Robotics
  • Summary

Lessons 4:
The Impact of AI

  • Topic A: Benefits of AI
  • Topic B: Challenges of AI
  • Topic C: Business Use Cases for AI
  • Summary