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ITIL® 4: Strategist Direct, Plan, and Improve

Kick start your prep for the ITIL 4 exam with the ITIL 4: Strategist Direct, Plan, and Improve course and lab. The ITIL course and its interactive lessons comprehensively cover the ITIL certification exam objectives and impart skills required for effective assessment and planning, measurement and reporting, communication and organizational change management, and more. With the help of this ITIL training guide, students will be able to identify and communicate with stakeholders.
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40+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 40+ Post Assessment Questions | 80+ Practice Test Questions
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Lessons 1:
About the ITIL story

  • Meet the Axle employees
  • The story so far

Lessons 2:
ITIL Foundation recap

  • The ITIL service value system
  • The four dimensions model

Lessons 3:

  • Why direction, planning, and improvement matter
  • Directing
  • Planning
  • Improvement
  • The role of measurement and reporting
  • Direction, planning, and improvement of the ITIL SVS
  • Applying the guiding principles
  • Value, outcomes, costs, and risks in direct, plan, and improve
  • Direction, planning, and improvement for everyone

Lessons 4:
Strategy and direction

  • Strategy management
  • Defining the structures and methods used to direct behaviors and make decisions
  • The role of risk management in direction, planning, and improvement
  • Portfolio management: a key decision-making practice
  • Direction via governance, risk, and compliance
  • Summary

Lessons 5:
Assessment and planning

  • Basics of assessment
  • Basics of planning
  • Introduction to value stream mapping
  • Summary

Lessons 6:
Measurement and reporting

  • Basics of measurement and reporting
  • Types of measurements
  • Measurement and the four dimensions
  • Measurement of products and services
  • Summary

Lessons 7:
Continual improvement

  • Creating a continual improvement culture
  • Continual improvement of the service value chain and practices
  • Continual improvement in organizations
  • The continual improvement model
  • Using measurement and reporting in continual improvement
  • Summary

Lessons 8:
Communication and organizational change management

  • Basics of effective communication
  • Identifying and communicating with stakeholders
  • Basics of OCM
  • Summary

Lessons 9:
Developing a service value system

  • Adopting the guiding principles
  • Centre of excellence for service management
  • The four dimensions of service management in the SVS
  • Summary

Lessons 10:
Bringing it together

  • Modern leadership
  • Using the guiding principles for direction, planning, and improvement
  • Summary

Lessons 11: