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PMI – Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

Prepare for the PMI ACP certification exam with the PMI – Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) course and lab. Lab simulates real-world, hardware, software, and command-line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course, or training. The PMI ACP training course and lab cover the PMI ACP exam objectives and teach you about adaptive planning, team performance, value-driven delivery, stakeholder engagement, agile principles and mindset; problem detection and resolution; and more.
PMI – Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
Test Prep
55+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 55+ Post Assessment Questions | 110+ Practice Test Questions
41+ Videos | 12:05+ Hours
Prometric, Pearson VUE

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Lessons 1:

  • It Pays to Get Certified
  • How Certification Helps Your Career
  • Steps to Getting Certified and Staying Certified
  • Before You Begin Studying for the PMI-ACP® Certification Exam
  • Why Become PMI-ACP® Certified?
  • How to Become a PMI-ACP Certified Professional
  • Who Should Read This Course?
  • What Does This Course Cover?
  • Tips for Taking the PMI-ACP Exam
  • What’s Included in the Course
  • How to Use This Course and the Interactive Online Learning Environment and Test Bank
  • PMI-ACP® Exam Objectives
  • PMI-ACP® Certification Exam Objective Map

Lessons 2:
Agile Foundations

  • History and the Agile Manifesto
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 3:
Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP)

  • What Is Scrum?
  • The Scrum Team
  • Scrum Artifacts
  • Scrum Events
  • The Daily Scrum
  • The Sprint Review
  • The Sprint Retrospective
  • eXtreme Programming (XP) Overview
  • Core Practices of XP
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 4:
Key Aspects of Additional Agile Methodologies

  • Dynamic Systems Development Method
  • Kanban
  • What Is Lean Product/Software Development?
  • Feature-Driven Development
  • Crystal Methods
  • Adaptive Software Development (ASD)
  • Creating a Successful Mindset
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 5:
Agile Initiation and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Charters and Agile Projects
  • Determining Return on Investment
  • Techniques of Pre-Project Engagement
  • The Definition of Done
  • Agile Knowledge Sharing and Communication
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 6:
The Human Side of Agile Project Management

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 7:
Agile Estimation and Planning

  • Iteration Zero
  • Analyzing Based on Business Value
  • Timeboxing
  • Themes, Epics, and User Stories
  • Backlog Refinement
  • Story Mapping
  • Relative Sizing
  • Planning Poker
  • Planning Poker Best Practices
  • Initial Velocity
  • Iteration/Sprint Calculations
  • Story Point Estimates and Spikes
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 8:
Effective Team Performance on Agile Projects

  • Tuckman’s Ladder
  • Shu Ha Ri and Skill Mastery
  • Dreyfus Model: Five Stages of Skill Acquisition
  • Collaborative Working Environments
  • Distributed Teams
  • Osmotic Communication
  • Team and Individual Coaching
  • Velocity Tracking
  • Burn Down and Burn Up Charts
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 9:
Agile Execution and Tracking of Iterations

  • Return on Investment and Benefit Measurement Methods
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • The Triple Constraints
  • The Gulf of Misunderstanding
  • Dot Voting, or Multi-Voting
  • MoSCoW
  • Monopoly Money
  • 100 Points
  • Kano Analysis
  • Customized Procurement
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 10:
Detecting Problems and Working Through Changes

  • The Cost of Changes
  • Determining Defects
  • Risk Management
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 11:
Tailoring, Quality Management, and Improving Project Processes

  • Tailoring
  • Tailoring and the PMBOK® Guide
  • Lead Time and Cycle Time
  • Process Improvement
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Continuous Product Improvement
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Appendix A: Next Steps

  • What Is the PMI-ACP Certification?
  • Tools and Techniques Overview
  • Task Overview
  • Tools and Techniques Overview
  • Knowledge and Skills
  • Concluding Thoughts

Appendix B

  • Video Tutorial

Appendix C

  • Topics covered in PMI-ACP according to the Agile Practice Guide
  • Topics covered in PMI-ACP according to the PMBOK Guide