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Windows Powershell

Gain hands-on expertise in Windows PowerShell with Windows PowerShell in 24 Hours course and performance-based labs. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software and command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. This course and lab provide the understanding of PowerShell module, its usage for different functions and give experience in installing and configuring PowerShell, finding and discovering Windows PowerShell commands, managing Windows PowerShell providers, and more.
Windows Powershell
Test Prep
64+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 100+ Post Assessment Questions | 200+ Practice Test Questions
71+ LiveLab | 00+ Minutes
23+ Videos | 04:38+ Hours

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Lessons 1:

  • Who Should Take This Course
  • How This Course Is Organized
  • Conventions Used in This Course
  • System Requirements
  • Design Elements Used in This Course

Lessons 2:
Getting to Know Windows PowerShell

  • Why You Should Learn Windows PowerShell
  • Brief History of Windows PowerShell
  • Understanding the Windows PowerShell Components
  • Investigating the Power and Simplicity of Windows PowerShell
  • Try it Yourself
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 3:
Installing and Configuring Windows PowerShell

  • Determining Your Windows PowerShell Environment
  • Installing the Latest Version of Windows PowerShell
  • Customizing the Windows PowerShell Console
  • Try it Yourself
  • Customizing the Windows PowerShell ISE
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 4:
Mastering the Windows PowerShell Help System

  • Anatomy of a Windows PowerShell Cmdlet
  • Updating the Windows PowerShell Help Library
  • Understanding Windows PowerShell Help Syntax
  • Try it Yourself
  • Accessing Additional Command Help
  • Try it Yourself
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 5:
Finding and Discovering Windows PowerShell Commands

  • How Windows PowerShell Commands Are Packaged
  • Installing RSAT Tools on Windows 8.1
  • Try it Yourself
  • Locating Windows PowerShell Commands
  • Try it Yourself
  • Running External Commands
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 6:
Thinking in Terms of Objects

  • The Problem with UNIX/Linux
  • What Is an Object?
  • Discovering Object Members
  • Putting Objects into Action
  • Try it Yourself
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 7:
Mastering the Windows PowerShell Pipeline

  • Understanding How the Pipeline Works from a High Level
  • Understanding in Depth How the Pipeline Works
  • Try it Yourself
  • Passing Data Through the Pipeline
  • Try it Yourself
  • “Forcing” Objects Through the Pipeline
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 8:
Sorting, Filtering, and Measuring Windows PowerShell Output

  • Sorting Output
  • Filtering Output
  • Try it Yourself
  • Measuring Objects
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 9:
Managing Windows PowerShell Providers

  • What Are Providers?
  • Introduction to Default PSDrives
  • Using the FileSystem Provider
  • Try it Yourself
  • Using the Alias Provider
  • Using the Registry Provider
  • Using Extended Providers
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 10:
Formatting, Exporting, and Converting Windows PowerShell Output

  • How the PowerShell Formatting Subsystem Works
  • Formatting PowerShell Output
  • Exporting PowerShell Output
  • Converting PowerShell Output
  • Try it Yourself
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 11:
Implementing One-to-One Windows PowerShell Remoting

  • Understanding Classic Windows PowerShell Remote Access
  • Introducing “True” PowerShell Remoting
  • Enabling Windows PowerShell Remoting
  • Creating a Windows PowerShell Remote Session
  • Sending Scripts over the Network
  • Try it Yourself
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 12:
Implementing One-to-Many Windows PowerShell Remoting

  • One-to-Many Remote Access in the Classic Scenario
  • One-to-Many Remoting with Persistent Sessions
  • Managing Session Configurations
  • One-to-Many Remoting with the Windows PowerShell ISE
  • Try it Yourself
  • Passing Input to Remote Commands
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 13:
Deploying Windows PowerShell Web Access

  • Introducing Windows PowerShell Web Access
  • Setting Up the Windows PSWA Gateway
  • Testing the Windows PSWA User Experience
  • Managing the Gateway
  • Try it Yourself
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Lessons 14:
Multitasking Windows PowerShell