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Group Training

Achieve exceptional outcomes with dedicated classes.

What is a dedicated class?

TOPTALENT LEARNING offers Dedicated Classes for groups of students in need of the same training course. Dedicated Classes are private classes taught with a live instructor either in-person or virtually, customized to the needs of your student group. Classes are delivered at a time and location that best suits your schedule.

Dedicated classes require a minimum of 10 students.

Online Live

Training can be challenging when team members are geographically dispersed. Our dedicated online live classes, which can also be conducted in a hybrid format, offer flexibility and convenience for effective remote training.


TOPTALENT provides on-site training sessions at your facility, creating an immersive learning environment. Additionally, we offer laptops as required and stay present to facilitate seamless access to the class and its materials for all team members.

At Our Facility

Our Plano, TX office features three well-equipped classrooms suitable for hosting classes. We offer the option to provide laptops with the added benefit of an extra monitor. Additionally, our location boasts a convenient break room and a variety of excellent dining options in close proximity.

Need to rent a room to host your own meetings, training, or events? We offer room rentals with great amenities and competitive rates.

Benefits of dedicated classes

Customizable Training Options
Boosted Engagement
Turnkey Delivery
Dedicated Staff Support

Our Group Training sessions prioritize your organization’s unique needs, offering adaptable training options that align with your requirements. This flexibility ensures your team receives training that’s highly relevant and effective.

Engagement is a critical component of successful training, and our group sessions naturally foster collaboration and interaction among participants. This dynamic learning environment strengthens team bonds and enhances the overall learning experience.

Logistical challenges can hinder the training process. Our turnkey delivery approach addresses all aspects, including scheduling, materials, and equipment setup, allowing you to focus solely on absorbing valuable knowledge with confidence.

Comprehensive staff support is integral to our group training. Our expert trainers and support team are readily available to assist, address queries, and ensure a seamless and efficient learning process. Your team’s success remains our top priority, and we’re committed to supporting it throughout the training journey.

Why choose TOPTALENT?

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